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Troy Davis was executed for insisting on telling the truth

by on Sep.26, 2011, under People>People in Real Life

It is typical of an air sign like Troy Davis to insist on telling the truth and to care more about principles than self-interests. People in power often belong to water signs and fire signs, who are afraid of having to admit to having made mistakes and do not like to be challenged. When someone tells them that they were wrong as Troy Davis did, they want him/her to show his/her submissiveness, to stop telling them that they were wrong, to assume all the responsibilities and not to have them take any responsibilities.

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Natalie Portman Beat the Odds

by on Mar.06, 2011, under Horoscope>Chinese>People>People in Real Life>Horoscope>Yearly

The odds of Natalie Portman winning the Oscar this year is the lowest if we go by horoscope because people who belong to the second trine in Chinese Zodiac have the least of luck this year. But she beat the odds and won the Oscar. This is proof that she was a very strong candidate and that she deserved the award the most.

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Bradley Manning is not to be hated for being a Sagittarius

by on Mar.02, 2011, under Horoscope>Chinese>People>People in History>People>People in Real Life>Hot Topics>Politics>Horoscope>Western

I have found many people of fire signs, especially Sagittarius, who I do not like. But Bradley Manning is a Sagittarius who I do not have any negative feeling toward. After I read about him on Wikipedia, I do not find anything I do not like about him. I think he is just a person with some believe and acted according to what he believed in (which is “without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public”). He might have made mistakes in things that he has done. But it was not because he is a Sagittarius. Rather it was because of what he believed in. If you hate him, it is because you do not share his believe, not because he is a Sagittarius.

Whenever we dislike someone, it is most likely because we do not like what he/she is pursuing. People of fire signs are dedicated to achieving their goals and would try to achieve their goals by all means with less regard to code of conduct. That is why we do not like them when we do not like what they are pursuing. This may be the real reason why I do not like many people of fire signs.

By the way, Daniel Ellsberg (Goat, Aries), the most famous whistle-blower in American history whose leaking of “The Pentagon Papers” brought the Vietnam War to an end, is also a fire sign with a Chinese Zodiac sign that belongs to the fourth trine, just like Bradley Manning (Rabbit, Sagittarius).

Other people in history and celebrities who also belong to a fire sign and the fourth trine include Hugh Thompson (Goat, Aries) and Robert De Niro (Goat, Leo). They are different from people of fire signs who belong to the first trine (and perhaps second trine as well) in Chinese Zodiac, such as Don Imus (Dragon, Leo), John Galliano (Rat, Sagittarius), and Peter King (Monkey, Aries), who are prejudiced against certain people (even though they do not want to admit it). I think this is because people of fourth trine (and perhaps those of third trine as well) have more feelings for others (just as they have more feelings for themselves as well), which makes them more kind and liberal, while people of first trine and second trine are more harsh, demanding, vain, conservative, and prejudiced.

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Earth signs’ independence and arrogance

by on Nov.01, 2009, under People>People in Real Life>Horoscope>Western

It may be good to be independent. But it is not good to be arrogant. I found many people of earth signs to be very independent. But some of them make people feel that they are arrogant as well. I am not sure why and when they cross the line. But many of them do cross the line.

Of the most famous earth signs, I have not seen John McCain crossing the line. I think Carrie Prejean may have crossed the line sometimes.

I have met several young women of earth signs who have crossed the line. It is a small annoyance in life. People should not always follow the crowd or be submissive. But that does not mean that they can disrespect other people.

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Is Roman Polanski guilty?

by on Sep.30, 2009, under Horoscope>Chinese>People>People in Real Life>Horoscope>Western

Depends on who you ask. What he did to Samantha Geimer when she was 13 years old is what a lot of men of fire signs would do when they want to have sex. They just think of what they want and how to get it. If it is not for fear of being punished for it, they do not care if the other party wants it or not. That is how they live their lives. People of other signs may find it difficult to accept it. But should people be punished for having the wrong personality which they were born with?

By the way, being born in a year that belongs to the second trine makes Roman Polanski more aggressive. That explains both the reason why he did things against others’ wills and the reason why he is successful in his career.

PS: I don’t think that it is a coincidence that many of those who have been accused of sexual harassment (Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger) belong to fire signs.

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Why is professor Gates causing such a stir?

by on Jul.25, 2009, under People>People in History>People>People in Real Life>Hot Topics>Politics

He is a Virgo born in the year of the Tiger. In other words, he belongs to an earth sign and the third trine, exactly like Michael Jackson (Dog, Virgo). People who belong to an earth sign and the third trine are the most independent and rebellious. They are the least likely to show respect for authority.

This reminds me of why Michael Jackson did not accept an invitation by Obama to his inauguration earlier this year.

Other people in history who belong to an earth sign and the third trine: Karl Marx (Tiger, Taurus), Ho Chi Minh (Tiger, Taurus), Harvey Milk (Horse, Taurus), Mother Teresa (Dog, Virgo). What do they have in common? They led a movement and they fought for the weak, which reminds me of Jesus. Based on what we know about Jesus, I guess he also belonged to an earth sign and the third trine. And since he was born in the winter, it is most likely that he was a Capricorn born in year of the Tiger (the very end of 7 BC or the very beginning of 6 BC).

Living political figure Lyndon LaRouche (Dog, Virgo) and many public servants and politicians such as Eric Holder (Tiger, Capricorn), David Paterson (Horse, Taurus), Chris Christie (Tiger, Virgo), Byron Dorgan (Horse, Taurus), Richard Shelby (Dog, Taurus), and Harold Ford (Dog, Taurus) also belong to an earth sign and the third trine. But I am not sure about their legacy.

Three famous living persons who belong to an earth sign and the third trine who have had great impact in modern American society are Michael Moore (Horse, Taurus), Oliver Stone (Dog, Virgo), Tim Russert (Tiger, Taurus). Jerry Seinfeld (Horse, Taurus) is also very famous. But I am not sure if he is influential.

Three other well known living persons who belong to an earth sign and the third trine have had significant impact on the US economy: Robert Rubin (Tiger, Virgo), Warren Buffett (Horse, Virgo), and Bernie Madoff (Tiger, Taurus).

There are well known people who belong to an earth sign and the third trine whose legacy I am not sure about: Dan White (Dog, Virgo) and Rush Limbaugh (Tiger, Capricorn).

I think for those who belong to an earth sign and the third trine that are in politics, there is one word that applies to most of them: “controversial”. There are two other words that apply to some of them: “revolutionary”, and “ideology-driven”.

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Psychology of mass killers and their astrological signs

by on Apr.16, 2009, under People>People in History>People>People in Real Life

This is a discussion brought up by an article on ABC News: “Psychology of Virginia Tech, Columbine Killers Still Baffles Experts“. It is brought up in this month of Aries because three major mass shootings (Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Binghamton) and the Oklahoma City Bombing happened in this month of Aries.

According to this article, some mass killers are psychopaths while others are psychotics. A psychopath is a person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse (see thefreedictionary.com). A psychotic is a  person affected by psychosis, which is a severe mental disorder characterized by derangement of personality and loss of contact with reality and causing deterioration of normal social functioning (see thefreedictionary.com).

Psychopaths often belong to fire signs. For example, Hitler is a psychopath, and he belongs to a fire sign. They have their own moral standard and stick to it. For them, some people just don’t deserve to be loved or respected.

Psychotics are more likely to belong to earth signs. They are honest people who work hard and expect fair treatments, which they don’t always receive because they do not manipulate other people. They kill out of a desire for fairness.

Also, some people kill because they enjoy cruelty, while others kill because they want to revenge for the cruelty that they have received. People who belong to the fourth trine in Chinese zodiac, such as Seung-Hui Cho and Jiverly Wong, are more likely to kill out of revenge because they are willing to put up with a lot of abuses before they try to push back. People who belong to the second trine in Chinese zodiac, such as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, are more likely to kill out of a desire to assert their control over others.

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The Suicide of Fashion Model Ruslana Korshunova – New Update

by on Jul.12, 2008, under Horoscope>Chinese>People>People in Real Life>Horoscope>Western

As revealed in this article on The Improper’s “Suicide Model Ruslana Korshunova’s Three Loves” and this article on The New York Daily News “Mom, pals question model’s tragic death after view from Korshunova’s balcony“, Ruslana Korshunova was actually heart broken over her relationship with her one time fling in Moscow instead. The fact that she jumped right after a conversation with him shows her action was spurred by her emotion at the moment, not by a deliberate consideration. That explains why she did not leave a suicide note.

People may find it difficult to understand why she would have jumped just for one moment of despair, no matter how deep it was. But I have seen in my real life how emotional Cancers like Ruslana Korshunova can be, and what kind of extreme actions their emotions can spur, especially for those whose Chinese Zodiac signs belong to the fourth trine, like Ruslana Korshunova.

There is another young woman in the news who was born in the same year and same month, and has the same sun sign as Ruslana Korshunova. Their birthdays are only a few days apart. She has been indicted for the murder of her roommate. In both cases, their negative feelings grew over a period of time and bursted at one point and triggered extreme actions that most people, especially those who know them, can not understand.

I think as people with Chinese Zodiac signs that belong to the fourth trine, they have a very strong desire to be in control but are also willing to put up with too much before they explode. And as Cancers, they are very emotional. These are the two factors that contribute to their unthinkable acts. By the way, this has strengthened my believe that O.J. Simpson could have committed the crime he was accused of.

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The Suicide of Fashion Model Ruslana Korshunova

by on Jun.30, 2008, under People>People in Real Life>Horoscope>Western

Everybody is guessing why Ruslana Korshunova committed suicide. For the story, please check out this article on The New York Post: GLAMOUR & TORMENT – HEALTH, WORK WOES OF SUICIDE MODEL.

In fact, I think her problems may not lie in her work or her health as suggested by this article, but in her emotional state, as we can see from this article on The Telegraph: Model Ruslana Korshunova’s confused Internet postings before her death, and this article on The New York Post: CAUGHT IN A LOVE TRIANGLE.

One possible reason is that being a Cancer, which might have helped her in her modeling career, she might have been too sentimental to handle her rocky relationship with her new boyfriend. She was having relationships with both her ex-boyfriend and her new boyfriend at the same time. That shows that she was not in a secure relationship with her new boyfriend. Girls who leave their boyfriends for new ones often do so because they have stronger feelings for the new ones. However, the stronger the feelings they have, the more likely and more deeply they get hurt. When they have to get back with their ex-boyfriends for comfort, they are like falling from heaven down to earth in terms of the level of excitement. That is when they feel extremely depressed. This is similar to what happened to Anna Karenina in Leo Tolstoy’s famous novel “Anna Karenina”, as I have discussed in an earlier post.

I think it might have been better for Ruslana Korshunova if her ex-boyfriend stopped seeing her after she had left him for another guy. If her ex-boyfriend could have helped her out by taking her back, she would not have committed suicide right after they went to see a movie together. What could have happened is her ex-boyfriend’s affection for her made the void of the same kind of affection for her in her new boyfriend seem more unbearable to her.

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