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People who were killed at their worst time

by on Oct.29, 2009, under Horoscope>Monthly

Annie Le (born July 3rd, killed Sept. 8th) – a water sign, killed in a month of an earth sign.

Meredith Kercher (born Dec. 28th, killed Nov. 1st) – an earth sign, killed in a month of a water sign.

Matthew Shepard (born Dec. 1st, attacked on Oct. 7th and died from the attacked on Oct. 12th) – a fire sign, killed in a month of an air sign.

John Lennon (born Oct. 9th, killed Dec. 8th), Marilyn Monroe (born June 1st, killed Aug. 5th), and Abraham Lincoln (born Feb. 12th, killed April 15th) – air signs, killed in months of fire signs. The attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan (born Feb. 6th) also happened in a month of a fire sign (March 30th).

As we can see, they were all killed or almost killed about* two months before or after their birthdays.

There are also people who were killed about* six months from their birthdays: Benazir Bhutto (born June 21st, killed Dec. 27th), JFK (born May 29th, Killed Nov. 22nd), Harvey Milk (born May 22nd, killed Nov. 27th).

This analysis makes it easier to believe that Michael Jackson (born Aug. 29, died June 25) was killed intentionally rather than died accidentally since he died about two months before his birthday.

Not everyone was killed at their worst time. Some were even killed at their best time. For example, Gandhi was born on Oct. 2nd and killed on Jan. 30th.

* “about” here means “one week more or less than”.

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When are you more likely to get lucky?

by on Nov.10, 2007, under Horoscope>Monthly

During the months that belong to the same element as your Western sign, you are more likely to get lucky. For example, if you are a libra, you are more likely to get lucky during the month of libra, the month of aquarius, and the month of gemini.

For example, if you have a hard time passing the road test, you are more likely to pass it in a month that belongs to the same element as your Western sign.

Please note that Western astrological months do not start from the first of a calendar month. They usually start from around the 19th to the 23rd of a calendar month. Please check the Western signs table to find out the exact time for each month.

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