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Bradley Manning is not to be hated for being a Sagittarius

by on Mar.02, 2011, under Horoscope>Chinese>People>People in History>People>People in Real Life>Hot Topics>Politics>Horoscope>Western

I have found many people of fire signs, especially Sagittarius, who I do not like. But Bradley Manning is a Sagittarius who I do not have any negative feeling toward. After I read about him on Wikipedia, I do not find anything I do not like about him. I think he is just a person with some believe and acted according to what he believed in (which is “without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public”). He might have made mistakes in things that he has done. But it was not because he is a Sagittarius. Rather it was because of what he believed in. If you hate him, it is because you do not share his believe, not because he is a Sagittarius.

Whenever we dislike someone, it is most likely because we do not like what he/she is pursuing. People of fire signs are dedicated to achieving their goals and would try to achieve their goals by all means with less regard to code of conduct. That is why we do not like them when we do not like what they are pursuing. This may be the real reason why I do not like many people of fire signs.

By the way, Daniel Ellsberg (Goat, Aries), the most famous whistle-blower in American history whose leaking of “The Pentagon Papers” brought the Vietnam War to an end, is also a fire sign with a Chinese Zodiac sign that belongs to the fourth trine, just like Bradley Manning (Rabbit, Sagittarius).

Other people in history and celebrities who also belong to a fire sign and the fourth trine include Hugh Thompson (Goat, Aries) and Robert De Niro (Goat, Leo). They are different from people of fire signs who belong to the first trine (and perhaps second trine as well) in Chinese Zodiac, such as Don Imus (Dragon, Leo), John Galliano (Rat, Sagittarius), and Peter King (Monkey, Aries), who are prejudiced against certain people (even though they do not want to admit it). I think this is because people of fourth trine (and perhaps those of third trine as well) have more feelings for others (just as they have more feelings for themselves as well), which makes them more kind and liberal, while people of first trine and second trine are more harsh, demanding, vain, conservative, and prejudiced.

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What do Lou Dobbs, Joe Arpaio, William Calley have in common?

by on Oct.10, 2009, under Hot Topics>Politics

They all belong to an air sign – Lou Dobbs (September 24), Joe Arpaio (June 14), William Calley (June 8). And all of them are or were once very mean to those who they considered as the enemies of their own people.

People of air signs do not consider all people as their friends, only those who share their identity. Their interests in humanity is limited. For them, only those who share their identity deserve to be treated humanely.

Frank Lautenberg (January 23), Maria Cantwell (October 13), and Dick Cheney (January 30) are other examples. They are harsh on people of different identities and hard at work in defending their own people against people of different identities.

So what about John Lennon(October 9)? I guess he considered people of other races as human beings like himself. His perception of what kind of people share his identity is different from others. He had a broader sense of identity. So is Ronald Reagan (February 6).

By the way, there have also been many men of air signs who were very mean to women: Gary Ridgway (the Green River Killer) (February 18), Philip Markoff (February 12), and Robert Chambers (September 25). I guess they killed women because they considered women as people of a different identity and hated them. That may also be the reason why many people of air signs are homosexual. [*Ted Bundy (November 24), who belongs to a fire sign, not an air sign, also killed a lot of women. But I think he killed them because he was very selfish and coward, not because he hated them.]

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A possible mistake made by Nobel Peace Prize Committee

by on Oct.09, 2009, under Hot Topics>Politics

If they think that by awarding Obama a Peace prize, he will work harder for peace, they may be miscalculating. First of all, it is not all up to Obama what he can pursue. Secondly, if Obama is a typical fire sign, he may just take it for granted. People of fire signs in general do not risk their self-interest unless they have to do it to avoid punishment or to be awarded. Once the award has been given to them, unless you can take it back from them, don’t expect them to do anything to prove that they deserve to keep it. We have seen that from the fact that he has broken so many campaign promises. Not that it is all his fault. But he could have kept more of his promises. This shows that he is a typical fire sign who does not take his promises seriously and only says whatever that helps him get what he wants.

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Max Baucus belongs to a fire sign

by on Oct.08, 2009, under Hot Topics>Politics

We have learned from many cases in history that we should not judge a person based on his or her astrological signs. However, after we have decided someone is not doing the right thing, we may look into his or her astrological sign to find out why. The case of Max Baucus is one. He is not on people’s side. And this can be explained by the fact that he is a Sagittarius, a fire sign. People of fire signs in general are the least sympathetic to the weak and are the most afraid of the powerful.

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Fire Signs in the US Government

by on Oct.08, 2009, under Hot Topics>Politics

  • President Obama (Aug. 4th)
  • Influential administration cabinet members:
    • Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (Nov. 29th)
    • Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (Nov. 29th)
    • Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner (Aug. 18th)
    • Director of the Office of Management and Budget Peter Orszag (Dec. 16th)
  • Director of the National Economic Council Larry Summers (Nov. 30th)
  • Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke (Dec. 13th)
  • Influential Members of Congress:
    • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (March 26th)
    • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Dec. 2nd)

I am not sure what this means to the country. But too many people of fire signs in control of the country may not be a good thing. Fire signs are interested in and good at power grabbing. But they are better executors than thinkers.

Oh actually, the Obama administration belongs to the executive branch. So it may be OK to have so many fire signs in it as long as there are not so many fire signs in the legislative branch, which is US Congress.

The only one position that is up for discussion is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. If decisions by the Federal Reserve are made by the chairman only, then the Chairman of the Federal Reserve should better be someone of an air sign. If decisions by the Federal Reserve are made collectively by the Federal Reserve and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve is only in a managing position, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve should better not be one of an air sign. Air signs are good at thinking, not good at managing.

By the way, Henry Paulson (March 28th), a former government official who was very influential, also belongs to a fire sign.

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Why have so many Gemini politicians had affairs?

by on Aug.18, 2009, under Hot Topics>Politics

While people of any sign can have affairs, I find it interesting that many of the politicians who had recently been caught to have had an affair (Eliot Spitzer, Mark Sanford, John Edwards) are Gemini. My impression has been that Gemini is open and would not have any secrete to hide. Maybe it is precisely because Gemini do not hide their secretes that we know more love affairs involving Gemini. People of other signs also have love affairs. We just do not know about their affairs. Also, Gemini politicians tend to have more political enemies because of their independence. So they are exposed more quickly and fiercely.

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Why is professor Gates causing such a stir?

by on Jul.25, 2009, under People>People in History>People>People in Real Life>Hot Topics>Politics

He is a Virgo born in the year of the Tiger. In other words, he belongs to an earth sign and the third trine, exactly like Michael Jackson (Dog, Virgo). People who belong to an earth sign and the third trine are the most independent and rebellious. They are the least likely to show respect for authority.

This reminds me of why Michael Jackson did not accept an invitation by Obama to his inauguration earlier this year.

Other people in history who belong to an earth sign and the third trine: Karl Marx (Tiger, Taurus), Ho Chi Minh (Tiger, Taurus), Harvey Milk (Horse, Taurus), Mother Teresa (Dog, Virgo). What do they have in common? They led a movement and they fought for the weak, which reminds me of Jesus. Based on what we know about Jesus, I guess he also belonged to an earth sign and the third trine. And since he was born in the winter, it is most likely that he was a Capricorn born in year of the Tiger (the very end of 7 BC or the very beginning of 6 BC).

Living political figure Lyndon LaRouche (Dog, Virgo) and many public servants and politicians such as Eric Holder (Tiger, Capricorn), David Paterson (Horse, Taurus), Chris Christie (Tiger, Virgo), Byron Dorgan (Horse, Taurus), Richard Shelby (Dog, Taurus), and Harold Ford (Dog, Taurus) also belong to an earth sign and the third trine. But I am not sure about their legacy.

Three famous living persons who belong to an earth sign and the third trine who have had great impact in modern American society are Michael Moore (Horse, Taurus), Oliver Stone (Dog, Virgo), Tim Russert (Tiger, Taurus). Jerry Seinfeld (Horse, Taurus) is also very famous. But I am not sure if he is influential.

Three other well known living persons who belong to an earth sign and the third trine have had significant impact on the US economy: Robert Rubin (Tiger, Virgo), Warren Buffett (Horse, Virgo), and Bernie Madoff (Tiger, Taurus).

There are well known people who belong to an earth sign and the third trine whose legacy I am not sure about: Dan White (Dog, Virgo) and Rush Limbaugh (Tiger, Capricorn).

I think for those who belong to an earth sign and the third trine that are in politics, there is one word that applies to most of them: “controversial”. There are two other words that apply to some of them: “revolutionary”, and “ideology-driven”.

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The New York’s 20th District Special Election

by on Mar.18, 2009, under Hot Topics>Politics

The New York’s 20th District special election has drawn a lot of attentions because it is becoming a very close race. The candidate on the Republican side Jim Tedisco is of a water sign and belongs to the third trine, like George W. Bush. The candidate on the Democratic side Scott Murphy is of an air sign and belongs to the second trine, like FDR and JFK. So it is very clear who will make a better statesman.

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Barney Frank is another hustler, and both him and Chris Dodd are Vain

by on Sep.26, 2008, under Hot Topics>Politics

Barney Frank is an Aries, like Henry Paulson. And both he and Dodd belong to the first trine, like McCain. People who belong to the first trine are more likely to follow others than to lead because they have a strong desire to be accepted by others and so do not want to risk being rejected by others for being different from others.

McCain and Dodd have been putting up some opposition to the bailout. This shows that their liberal Western astrological signs do make a difference.

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Henry Paulson is a hustler

by on Sep.24, 2008, under Hot Topics>Politics

Henry Paulson is an Aries, a fire sign, like Ben Bernanke. Fire signs are good at hustling. They want you to do things that you will regret later. So they don’t want you to have time to think about it. That is why they want the US government to act now on the bailout.

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