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Earth signs’ independence and arrogance

by on Nov.01, 2009, under People>People in Real Life>Horoscope>Western

It may be good to be independent. But it is not good to be arrogant. I found many people of earth signs to be very independent. But some of them make people feel that they are arrogant as well. I am not sure why and when they cross the line. But many of them do cross the line.

Of the most famous earth signs, I have not seen John McCain crossing the line. I think Carrie Prejean may have crossed the line sometimes.

I have met several young women of earth signs who have crossed the line. It is a small annoyance in life. People should not always follow the crowd or be submissive. But that does not mean that they can disrespect other people.

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People who were killed at their worst time

by on Oct.29, 2009, under Horoscope>Monthly

Annie Le (born July 3rd, killed Sept. 8th) – a water sign, killed in a month of an earth sign.

Meredith Kercher (born Dec. 28th, killed Nov. 1st) – an earth sign, killed in a month of a water sign.

Matthew Shepard (born Dec. 1st, attacked on Oct. 7th and died from the attacked on Oct. 12th) – a fire sign, killed in a month of an air sign.

John Lennon (born Oct. 9th, killed Dec. 8th), Marilyn Monroe (born June 1st, killed Aug. 5th), and Abraham Lincoln (born Feb. 12th, killed April 15th) – air signs, killed in months of fire signs. The attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan (born Feb. 6th) also happened in a month of a fire sign (March 30th).

As we can see, they were all killed or almost killed about* two months before or after their birthdays.

There are also people who were killed about* six months from their birthdays: Benazir Bhutto (born June 21st, killed Dec. 27th), JFK (born May 29th, Killed Nov. 22nd), Harvey Milk (born May 22nd, killed Nov. 27th).

This analysis makes it easier to believe that Michael Jackson (born Aug. 29, died June 25) was killed intentionally rather than died accidentally since he died about two months before his birthday.

Not everyone was killed at their worst time. Some were even killed at their best time. For example, Gandhi was born on Oct. 2nd and killed on Jan. 30th.

* “about” here means “one week more or less than”.

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What do Lou Dobbs, Joe Arpaio, William Calley have in common?

by on Oct.10, 2009, under Hot Topics>Politics

They all belong to an air sign – Lou Dobbs (September 24), Joe Arpaio (June 14), William Calley (June 8). And all of them are or were once very mean to those who they considered as the enemies of their own people.

People of air signs do not consider all people as their friends, only those who share their identity. Their interests in humanity is limited. For them, only those who share their identity deserve to be treated humanely.

Frank Lautenberg (January 23), Maria Cantwell (October 13), and Dick Cheney (January 30) are other examples. They are harsh on people of different identities and hard at work in defending their own people against people of different identities.

So what about John Lennon(October 9)? I guess he considered people of other races as human beings like himself. His perception of what kind of people share his identity is different from others. He had a broader sense of identity. So is Ronald Reagan (February 6).

By the way, there have also been many men of air signs who were very mean to women: Gary Ridgway (the Green River Killer) (February 18), Philip Markoff (February 12), and Robert Chambers (September 25). I guess they killed women because they considered women as people of a different identity and hated them. That may also be the reason why many people of air signs are homosexual. [*Ted Bundy (November 24), who belongs to a fire sign, not an air sign, also killed a lot of women. But I think he killed them because he was very selfish and coward, not because he hated them.]

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A possible mistake made by Nobel Peace Prize Committee

by on Oct.09, 2009, under Hot Topics>Politics

If they think that by awarding Obama a Peace prize, he will work harder for peace, they may be miscalculating. First of all, it is not all up to Obama what he can pursue. Secondly, if Obama is a typical fire sign, he may just take it for granted. People of fire signs in general do not risk their self-interest unless they have to do it to avoid punishment or to be awarded. Once the award has been given to them, unless you can take it back from them, don’t expect them to do anything to prove that they deserve to keep it. We have seen that from the fact that he has broken so many campaign promises. Not that it is all his fault. But he could have kept more of his promises. This shows that he is a typical fire sign who does not take his promises seriously and only says whatever that helps him get what he wants.

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Peter King belongs to a fire sign too

by on Oct.08, 2009, under Horoscope Compatibility>Western

I am not sure why every time Peter King says something, I feel repugnant. I am supposed to be impartial. But I can not escape the fact that I am the opposite of him in Western astrology. I think being incompatible in Western astrology can be more of a problem than being incompatible in Chinese astrology. Although in a close relationship, the incompatibility in Chinese astrology can be as big a problem as the incompatibility in Western astrology.

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Joe Wilson is a typical Leo, just like Obama

by on Oct.08, 2009, under Horoscope Compatibility>Western>Leo

Joe Wilson’s birthday July 31 is very close to Obama’s (Aug. 4th). Is that why Joe Wilson tried to steal the lime light from Obama?

Also, when he said Obama lied, could he be telling the truth as he knows it?

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Max Baucus belongs to a fire sign

by on Oct.08, 2009, under Hot Topics>Politics

We have learned from many cases in history that we should not judge a person based on his or her astrological signs. However, after we have decided someone is not doing the right thing, we may look into his or her astrological sign to find out why. The case of Max Baucus is one. He is not on people’s side. And this can be explained by the fact that he is a Sagittarius, a fire sign. People of fire signs in general are the least sympathetic to the weak and are the most afraid of the powerful.

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Fire Signs in the US Government

by on Oct.08, 2009, under Hot Topics>Politics

  • President Obama (Aug. 4th)
  • Influential administration cabinet members:
    • Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (Nov. 29th)
    • Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (Nov. 29th)
    • Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner (Aug. 18th)
    • Director of the Office of Management and Budget Peter Orszag (Dec. 16th)
  • Director of the National Economic Council Larry Summers (Nov. 30th)
  • Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke (Dec. 13th)
  • Influential Members of Congress:
    • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (March 26th)
    • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Dec. 2nd)

I am not sure what this means to the country. But too many people of fire signs in control of the country may not be a good thing. Fire signs are interested in and good at power grabbing. But they are better executors than thinkers.

Oh actually, the Obama administration belongs to the executive branch. So it may be OK to have so many fire signs in it as long as there are not so many fire signs in the legislative branch, which is US Congress.

The only one position that is up for discussion is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. If decisions by the Federal Reserve are made by the chairman only, then the Chairman of the Federal Reserve should better be someone of an air sign. If decisions by the Federal Reserve are made collectively by the Federal Reserve and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve is only in a managing position, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve should better not be one of an air sign. Air signs are good at thinking, not good at managing.

By the way, Henry Paulson (March 28th), a former government official who was very influential, also belongs to a fire sign.

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Harvey Milk and Dan White

by on Oct.01, 2009, under Horoscope Compatibility>People>People in History

If you go by horoscope alone, you would think that Harvey Milk and Dan White should get along with each other very well and that it is likely that Dan White would have respect for Harvey Milk. However, as we all know it was the opposite. So here is another case that shows how people’s ideologies decide what they would do in their lives much more than their personalities.

Another thing this case reveals is that a lot of time, people who belong to the same trine in Chinese Zodiac and even the same element in Western Zodiac can be the biggest enemies of each other. Because they belong to the same trine in Chinese Zodiac, they fight against each other with the same amount of energy, which makes the fight fierce. And because they belong to the same element in Western Zodiac, they hate each other based on the same logic, which makes the hate intense. What makes them hate each other is what they believe in, which has nothing to do with their personalities, and so has nothing to do with their horoscope compatibility.

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Is Roman Polanski guilty?

by on Sep.30, 2009, under Horoscope>Chinese>People>People in Real Life>Horoscope>Western

Depends on who you ask. What he did to Samantha Geimer when she was 13 years old is what a lot of men of fire signs would do when they want to have sex. They just think of what they want and how to get it. If it is not for fear of being punished for it, they do not care if the other party wants it or not. That is how they live their lives. People of other signs may find it difficult to accept it. But should people be punished for having the wrong personality which they were born with?

By the way, being born in a year that belongs to the second trine makes Roman Polanski more aggressive. That explains both the reason why he did things against others’ wills and the reason why he is successful in his career.

PS: I don’t think that it is a coincidence that many of those who have been accused of sexual harassment (Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger) belong to fire signs.

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