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Miss Vietnam Free World – Evening Gown Competition

by on Dec.03, 2007, under Events>Pageants

Evening gown competition among Vietnamese young ladies living in the free world.

1. Contestant No. 13, Florence Hoa Mi Dominic, 18, from Oster, Sweden. She probably only has one Vietnamese parent because she does not have any Vietnamese feature. But she is one of the best with her confidence, naturally happy smiles, and her beautiful gown – the most beautiful gown in this competition, and also one of the most beautiful gowns that I have ever seen.

2. Contestant No. 26, Huyen Sanh Thuyen, 21, from Paris, France. She is my favorite. She has a beautiful face, sexy smiles – smiles that show her confidence of her attractiveness, curvy body, and best of all, sexy postures. The only draw back is her seemingly lack of enthusiasm.

3. Contestant No. 3, Van Thao Nguyen Patris, 20, from Portland, Oregon. This is the worse dress for a young woman because it made her body look completely flat. Even if her body was really completely flat, a better designed dress would not have made her look like that.

4. Contestant No. 29, Nguyen Pham Chuc Van, 21, from Portland, Oregon. I am not sure if a pant dress like this will ever help anyone win an evening gown competition. But this one is quite well designed. And it serves her well because of her beautiful legs.

5. Contestant No. 7, Tang Le Nhung Carmen, 22, from London, England. This is an elegant dress. But the contestant is not good enough for the dress. She did not seem to have got any kind of training in pageant.

6. Contestant No. 32, Ngo Tinh, 17, from Houston, Texas. This dress does not look formal enough because of its length. And she was walking in the same way people walk on the street. Many contestants in this contest made this mistake.

7. Contestant No. 31, Le Ngoc Thuy Vi, 20, from Houston, Texas. I have no comment on this one.

8. Contestant No. 24, Bui Thi Thuc Oanh Tracy, 20, from Rotterdam, Holland. She is good, though not unforgettable.

9. Contestant No. 22, Cu Thao Vi Dao, 23, from Cologne, Germany. Her dress is one of the best. And she has the best body type and the best postures to fit this kind of dresses. I love this dress on her.

10. Contestant No. 11, Nguyen Chau Kelly, 19, from Charleston, Tennessee. This dress is beautiful. But it does not accentuate body curves. So I would not recommend it.

11. Contestant No. 6, Truong Yen Phuong Diana, 18, from Sacramento, California. This dress is sexy. And she has the body for it.

12. Contestant No. 14, Nguyen Quynh Huong, 22, from Arlington, Texas. This dress is also one of the best. I love everything about this dress: V neck, beautiful beadings and double traps in the front, low back, asymmetrical and slightly A-line long skirt.

13. Contestant No. 25, Tran My Le Phuong, 27, from Huntsville, Texas. I like her face. It has the kindness that gives me a sense of peace and security. But her dress is made of fabric that is so stiff that it looks like the dress is just wrapping around her body.

14. Contestant No. 18, Mai Thi Kim Do, 17, from Orlando, Florida. I like the halter neck of her dress. It goes very well with her beautiful face. But her chest seems to look unnaturally high.

15. Contestant No. 12, Nguyen Vi Kim Chau, 20, from Nevada, California. This dress is also nice. But it looks like it was difficult for her to walk in such a tight dress.

16. Contestant No. 30, Lai Thi Thu Xuong, 23, from Denmark. What do you think about this dress?

17. Contestant No. 17, Luong Yen Mimi, 22, from Englewood, Colorado. I like this halter dress also. I think maybe halter dresses are in general good for pageants.

18. Contestant No. 2, Le Huong Ellie, 20, from Harvey, Louisiana. This dress is great too, even though the fabric is a little stiff. It may be difficult to present well in a dress with stiff fabric. By the way, the contestant looks genuinely happy.

19. Contestant No. 21, Nguyen Tram Vi Linda, 19, from Seattle, Washington. This dress is also one of the best. I like the beadings and the small straps and the very low back. And I love the flowing A-line skirt with a small train. It looks so nice when she walks. By the way, she was the one that impressed me the most in this competition because of her facial expression. It was unforgettable from the first time I watched this video. She seemed to be making an emotional connection with the judges. I have found out from the Internet that she has won the first Miss Vietnam Global title a few years later.

20. Contestant No. 8, Pham Lan Kathy, 17, from Newberg, Oregon. This one is the worst. She is not the type at all.

21. Contestant No. 28, Nguyen Thi Trang, 21, from Switzerland. This dress is great, especially for her. The front side slit on the skirt revealed her sexy leg as she walked. The dress probably showed her sexiness to the fullest extend. In the mean time, she probably also made the most out of the dress.

22. Contestant No. 20, Pham My Trinh, 17, from Riverside, California.

23. Contestant No. 23, Nguyen Thu Thuy, 20, from Houston, Texas. I think the tube top is not good for her.

24. Contestant No. 16, Vo Kim Sa , 20, from Harvey, Louisiana. This dress is good, especially for her. I like the train, which she played with very well.

25. Contestant No. 19, Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy Lina, 27, from Worcester, Massachusetts. It looks like she had had a nose job. By the way, her dress is good for her body type.

26. Contestant No. 4, Pham Thi Bich Lien, 19, from Drammen, Norway. She looks like a Jewish girl with her white skin and black hair. Her dress is nice, but not particularly sexy. I like her passion for the contest, but she looked like a kid having fun, not like a woman in a pageant.

27. Contestant No. 9, Vu Loan Kristin, 22, from Westminster, California. This dress must have cost a lot with the beadings on the body, the special cut of the skirt, the ruffles on the skirt, and the big flowers on the chest and the hair, which enhance the girl in the dress a great deal.

28. Contestant No. 15, Kim Le Than, 21, from Brentwood, Tennessee. She looked like having been pissed off before the contest or something. And the dress does not look expensive. Sometimes, a piece of garment made of expensive fabric can look very cheap while one made of cheap fabric can look very expensive. The cut and workmanship can make a big difference. One that looks expensive tends to give the person who wears it a higher status.

29. Contestant No. 5, Nguyen Bich Cham, 20, from Houston, Texas. She was probably the reason why I felt compelled to comment on the contestants. It seems like she had put something in her mouth to make sure that it will never close. By the way, her dress is nice.

30. Contestant No. 1, Le Loan Anh, 20, from Sugar Land, Texas. I like this girl as a person. She seemed to be relaxed and polite. However, although she had a slim body which went well with the beautiful dress she had on, her polite postures might not help in a pageant like this one.

This evening gown competition is only part of the Miss Vietnam Free World Pageant held in 2003. I do not know the final results of this contest.

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