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Is Your Beauty Routine Causing Long-Term Health Damage?

by on Oct.21, 2009, under Beauty

“Did you know that putting chemicals on your skin can be far worse than ingesting them?

This is in large part because when you eat something the enzymes in your saliva and stomach help break it down and flush it out of your body.

When the chemical cocktail is delivered into your blood stream via your skin, however, it bypasses this built-in protective filtration process, so you have decreased protection against the toxins.

There are literally thousands of chemicals used in personal care products, and only a tiny fraction of them have ever been tested for safety.”

Read more on “Is Your Beauty Routine Causing Long-Term Health Damage?” by Dr. Mercola.

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FDA Warns About Eyelash Thickener Claims

by on Oct.08, 2009, under Beauty

“The U.S. FDA has warned Allergan Inc. that the Web site for its eyelash thickener Latisse is misleading. The site downplays or fails to mention risks associated with the product.

The Latisse site either doesn’t mention potential side effects including bacterial eye infections, allergic reactions, excess hair growth outside the intended treatment area, and permanent changes in iris and eyelid pigmentation, or presents them in very small text.”

Read more on this and how to get a beautiful look naturally on “FDA Warns About Eyelash Thickener Claims” by Dr. Mercola.

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Organic Perfumes & Fragrances

by on Aug.15, 2009, under Beauty

“Did you know that most of those perfumes are made with chemicals that come from crude oil? That is not very safe, nor is it good for the environment. There is a better solution to make you feel good – organic perfumes and fragrances.” – read more here: “Organic Perfumes & Fragrances“.

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