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Can’t beauty pageants be about culture rather than race?

by on Sep.29, 2013, under News & Commentary

I just read about the controversy over “Little Miss Hispanic Delaware” on Salon.com: “Little Miss Hispanic winner loses title in Del.

I have been thinking Miss Vietnam Global competition should be opened to people of all races as well. If organizers worry that the winners are not Vietnamese enough, ask some questions about Vietnam history and Vietnamese culture should help.

Now that mix race marriages are becoming more and more common, it will be harder and harder to find out what race a contestant belongs to. Also, it is not important to be pure in race. So race should not be the deciding factor.

I think it is more important to preserve culture heritage. Whatever is good in your culture, you should try to preserve it and try to introduce it to the world through beauty pageants. You can even win the world over with the best thing in your culture heritage, as we can see from the recent Miss America pageant.

Can a minority contestant win a beauty pageant held among the general population by simply being a minority? Don’t let race be the thing that stops cultural heritage from being preserved.

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When it all started – from the Fashion Alternative Board (FAB)

by on Sep.09, 2009, under News & Commentary

“Here’s my theory: After the stock market plunge in 2000-2001, clothing retailers panicked and started trying to cut costs. In 2002, they started selling skin tight clothes that cost less to manufacture because they used less fabric. These clothes were embarrassing to wear, yet many women bought them, either because there was nothing else in the stores or because they thought it was “fashion.”” – from “When it all started” by Anne¬†on FAB Fashion Alternative Board Message Board.

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We Are The World – by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie

by on Jun.27, 2009, under News & Commentary

The spirit of this song should be what inspires real business owners to run their businesses, especially one in fashion, including ours. So we are posting it here to pay tribute to one of the authors of the song, Michael Jackson. May Michael Jackson Rest In Peace. And may all of us continue to be inspired by him.

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Hillary’s Poor Choice of Wardrobe

by on Jan.21, 2008, under News & Commentary

The word “vulgar” came to my mind when I saw this. Beauty to me always goes hand in hand with decency.

It is enough of a mistake to have allowed this scene to appear on the Senate floor. It will be a much bigger mistake to allow this Senator to become the president of the United States of America.

Many candidates can say they stand with us on the issues. So what we need is not just someone who stands with us on the issues. We need someone who can be a role model for us and can represent us as well.

We may want a female president, but not just anyone who first comes close to become one. We don’t want to make it difficult for other female politicians to win their elections by electing a female president that presents a negative image of female politicians.

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Woman Almost Dies After Bikini Wax

by on Jul.11, 2007, under News & Commentary

I am not a Fox News fan. But this article on Fox News’ web site has really caught my attention:


I know that many women would do whatever to make themselves more attractive. In their pursue of beauty, they are often willing to sacrifice their comfort and even their health. But to the extend the woman in this story was willing to go is unheard of to me.

The big lesson that you can get right from the story headline is that you need to make sure that what you do for beauty does not jeopardize your health.

There is also another important thing I learned from this story. That is, “nail salons that do not properly sterilize equipment can easily spread hepatitis”.

I have just learned recently that one form of hepatitis – Hepatitis C, has now become an epidemic. You can learn about this epidemic from this web site: http://www.epidemic.org/.

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