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Temperature and Weight and AC in the summer

by on Jul.02, 2009, under Keep In Shape

We all know that taking a hot bath can help lose some weight. In fact, heat does help people lose weight or keep in shape. People who live in a hot weather tend to weight less than people who live in a cold weather.

I think the availability of air conditioning in the summer may play a role in keeping people from losing weight in the summer. That may be another reason for people in the developed world to be more likely to be overweight.

Air conditioning may keep us more awake and energetic. But it also makes us eat more to keep ourselves warm. So if you are serious in trying to lose weight, do not turn on the air conditioner in the summer. Just let yourself sweat and you will lose some weight.

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Weight Gain and Loss with Noodles and Potatoes

by on Jul.02, 2009, under Keep In Shape

I am not sure anyone else has experienced weight gain and weight loss with eating noodles and potatoes. My experience is that when I eat noodles or pasta regularly, I gain weight and grow a little pop belly. And when I eat potatoes regularly, I lose weight and my belly goes flat.

If you are interested in finding ways to keep in shape, you may want to find out by yourself what kind of food makes you gain weight and what kind of food makes you lose weight.

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Sex, Weight, Health, and Beauty

by on Nov.19, 2007, under Keep In Shape

This is an old topic. But I would like to give my opinion on it because I think my point of view has never been made by anyone else.

I believe health is the basis for real beauty. To be attractive, one does not just need to look attractive, but also needs to have passion and desire, which only exist in a healthy person.

Being overweight is not healthy. Being too slim is not healthy either.

Can you eat enough to stay healthy but not too much to get overweight? I guess so. Most of us know that keeping a healthy diet and exercising will help.

But here is my trick, keep yourself busy with work so that you won’t be looking for food to eat all the time. Some people can really get so busy and worried that they do not have time to eat or do not have the desire to eat. Just make sure that you do eat when you get hungry. Otherwise, you will fall into the unhealthy category opposite to being overweight.

When you do need to eat, always pick the kind of food that need more preparation. This is because the more time you spend on preparing your food, the less time and desire you have to eat it. Also, pick the kind of food that need more chewing. Chewing is what we really want when we feel like eating. Chewing gums are not recommended all the time though. Most chewing gums have sugar and some other ingredients that are not good for health. Eat fruits, including dried fruits (preferably without preservatives), and vegetables instead.

Another important trick is to refrain from sex, especially when you are still young. The more sex you have, the more difficult it is to control your weight, or more specifically, your waistline. Some women, especially young American women, seem to think that if they get a guy to have sex with them, they are better than other women. So they look for sex wherever they can. That kind of women are more likely to gain weight, and then feel bad about their inability to control their weight, and then look harder for guys to have sex with to prove that they are still attractive and to feel good about themselves, thus getting into a vicious cycle.

Another issue is, do you need to be tall and thin? Like the twin towers, things that are tall and thin look more attractive. So models need to be tall and thin to help promote fashion designers’ products, and men who need to prove their wealth or success or attractiveness need to date tall and thin women, and women who need to prove their attractiveness need to be tall and thin. Other than that, there is not much need for women to be tall and thin. Enjoy your life, and don’t let others control your perception of your worthiness.

Anyway, if you still want to be tall, here is one suggestion I would like to make an attempt to make. If you can have the same good life in the north as in the south, growing up in the north, that is, farther away from the equator, may help you grow a little taller than growing up in the south, that is, closer to the equator. The farther away from the equator, the bigger a living creature, be it a plant or an animal, can grow.

By the way, I prefer cheer leaders and marching band girls over fashion models.

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