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Susie’s Deals

by on Jul.24, 2008, under Fashion

I am a huge fan of this store called Susie’s Deals!

They carry clothes for everyone, men’s, women’s, and kids too. I always know that I can walk in to one of their stores a come out with a big bag of really cute stylish stuff for $25! Everything in the store is sold for $5.99 or less and you can even find things that are 2 for $5.99!

I have bought some really nice name brand things at this store and given them to friends and family for Christmas. People have NO idea that these nice items only cost me $5.99 each .. It’s Awesome!

I urge you to check them out, because you only have one store on your site that carries clothing and this store appeals to everyone! And they have a web site where you can also shop online or snatch an e-coupon to use at the store, and if you spend $50 the shipping is FREE which is a definite plus!

Their web site is susiesdeals.com they have store in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah too.

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Lord & Taylor

by on Jul.23, 2007, under Fashion

I thought that Lord & Taylor was never going to sell through their web site. It took them so long to start doing e-commerce. But better late than never.

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